Synthetic bone graft

Are you looking for information about synthetic bone graft materials? Graftys’s team of highly qualified clinicians creates innovative products for bone grafts.

BioActys, a macroporous synthetic bone graft material used in periodontonlogy and maxillo-facial surgery, is available as granules or as an injectable hardening product for bone repair material in human surgery. This bone void filler device developed by Graftys is used in the oral and dental fields, and is a microporous and macroporous two-phase calcium phosphate ceramic. Following surgery, BioActys resorbs and is replaced with bone during the healing process, decreasing the problematic involved with bone graft such as rejection or infection.

The synthetic choice for a natural bone regrowth

This synthetic bone graft material is composed of biocompatible calcium phosphate materials that are similar to that of bone and are capable of bonding chemically to bone and dental. Graftys’s range of bioactive bone substitutes and bone void filler are used for sinus lift procedure and other dental procedures. Graftys has carried out detailed studies on the synthetic bone substitute to optimise porous architecture. The company’s desire to innovate is illustrated by its successful development of combination technologies for bone substitutes.