Injectable bone substitute

Are you looking for an injectable bone substitute? Graftys uses calcium phospate cements for excellent biocompatibility.

Graftys HBS is an injectable bone substitute composed of apatitic calcium phosphate cement that is highly injectable and malleable. It allows the surgeon to inject and reach difficult areas where bone grafting is needed, and is intended for bone voids or defects that are not intrinsic to the stability of the bony structure. It is resorbed and replaced with bone during the healing process.

An injectable bone substitute for bone void filling

The use of bone substitutes with calcium phosphate has led to a decrease in problems caused by bone grafts. Graftys HBS is supplied with a preloaded syringe that permits simple preparation in a closed system, without the need for a bowl and spatula. This bone substitute is delivered in a sterile ancillary instrument, ensuring it is ready for use in the operating theatre for procedures such as a sinus lift procedure and spine fusion. Graftys was founded by three specialists in the marketing and scientific fields, and since 2005, has expanded its team to nearly a dozen highly qualified collaborators.