Graftys Platforms

Graftys is a fully integrated manufacturing and development platform


Graftys’ manufacturing platform is a fully integrated 2,500 sq.ft manufacturing facilty located in Aix-en-Provence, Southern France. Graftys integrates all aspects of chemical synthesis and manufacturing thereby ensuring that Graftys’ products meet the highest quality standards.

Graftys has developed strong expertise in manufacturing of biomaterials, with experience and know-how in process optimization. All products are manufactured in compliance with Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC and EN ISO 13485:2012. Graftys has produced more than 45,000 ceramics and 35,000 cement syringes since 2008.


Graftys’ R&D platform is built on a tight partnership with academic research organizations based:

  • In Nantes:
    • CNRS/University UMR 6230 unit headed by Pr. Jean-Michel Bouler, Research Director and acting CSO at Graftys, for analytic chemistry and chemistry developments.
    • Oniris College of Veterinary Medicine with Pr Olivier Gauthier for pre-clinical feasibility, animal model developments and clinical veterinary studies.

Each Graftys R&D project is led through a collaborative approach by a multifunctional team which includes technical experts and clinicians. Graftys’ programs focus on unmet clinical needs in the orthopedic, spine, and dental fields and are aligned with evolving medical practice such as prevention, minimally-invasive surgery and biological repair.

Graftys’ R&D team includes nine PhDs, integrating all functional skills, competencies and know-how in Bone biology and Chemistry. Over 90 international publications* on biomaterials and 8 filed patent applications are the landmarks of the technical achievement in several high potential projects.

*List of relevant selected publications from Graftys R&D:

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