Calcium phosphate bone substitute

How is calcium phosphate bone substitute being developed? Graftys are experts in the development of this material.

Graftys’s desire to innovate is illustrated by its use of calcium phosphate bone substitute. The progressive development of combination technologies involving the association of bone substitutes such as calcium phosphate and cement with active molecules allows the local delivery of active principles to osteoarticular tissues. Graftys actively collaborates with French academic research institutes to promote its patents worldwide and develop therapeutic solutions to reduce public health costs.

A share in the market for synthetic bone substitutes

By using calcium phosphate bone substitute, which has higher mechanical resistance, a quick and controlled setting time and optimal resorption, Graftys is developing a product that has more similarities with biological apatite. This injectable bone substitute can be used for many orthopaedic procedures, such as spine fusion and sinus lift procedure. It has led to the decrease in problems caused by intolerance of bone grafts. Graftys was created in 2005 and works with highly qualified clinicians and researchers to develop innovative products for bone graft.