Bone augmentation

Are you looking for a bioactive bone substitutes? Contact Graftys and its team of experts to find out all you need to know.

Graftys, created in 2005, works with researchers and clinicians to develop bone augmentation implants that are easy and safe to use. In constant pursuit of excellence and innovation, Graftys is a leader in the development of a resorbable bone substitute. The company has launched Graftys HBS, a product that combines new organic phases that are chosen beforehand. Thanks to the efficacy this unique composition, it is possible to prepare innovative, high-performance materials specifically adapted to bone remodelling. Graftys HBS can be used for filling bone tumours, fixing oral implants, and other requirements in dentistry and oral surgery.

Graftys boasts equipment of the highest quality and performs the biomaterials synthesis production in-house, enabling the company to make specific implants adapted to customers’ needs. Whether you are looking for bioactive bone substitutes for bone grafting in revision surgery or bone void filler for spine fusion, Graftys has the techniques and materials to answer our needs. Created in 2005, this dynamic company boasts a team of highly qualified experts from different fields and endeavours to create innovative products for bone tissue engineering