Bone augmentation implants

Are you looking for a bone graft substitute? Graftys can help!

In October 2009, Graftys launched QUICKSET; a macroporous bone graft substitute that can be injected thanks to a user-friendly closed mixing / injection system. This product allows for an optimal resorption of the implant and replacement with natural healthy bone. It offers incremental resistance capability, added mechanical resistance and can be used for a wide range of surgical requirements, much like the existing Graftys HBS. The company is committed to finding innovative solutions for the biomaterials and biotechnology market through advanced research and development and by working with top specialists in substitute materials.

Real solutions to the bone graft problematic

Graft creates bone graft substitutes packaged in a ready-to-use, ergonomic, ancillary device. Its innovative calcium phosphate bone substitute can be used for such procedures as bone grafting in revision surgery and as bone void filler. Created in 2005, Graftys develops highly innovative orthopaedic biological products and is at the core of a worldwide network of partners. Thanks to its vast experience in calcium phosphate technology and excellent production tools, the company is able to offer high-quality products and services.