A range of bone graft substitutes designed
to target specific clinical applications

Cement Products

Graftys® QuickSet

Graftys® QuickSet is a Calcium Phosphate Cement of high viscosity with mechanical properties similar to those of cancellous bone, supplied in a user-friendly prefilled double-syringe. Graftys® QuickSet is an injectable, self-hardening, macroporous, calcium-phosphate bone void filler cement covered by patent applications in 2008. It offers three important features: user friendly (self-contained delivery system, which eliminates the need for mixing in a bowl and messy loading of a separate syringe), bioresorbability (proprietary composition including a polymer to enhance permeability) and mechanically resistant structure (within the range of cancellous bone compression resistance).

Graftys® QuickSet is used for bone reconstructive and trauma surgery: fracture repair, extremities or pelvis, complex fractures, joint arthroplasty, tibial osteotomy. It can be injected percutaneously for a better filling of remote bone cavities, minimally invasive surgery treatment of fractures, or Bone Marrow Lesions (in Europe only).

Graftys® QuickSet is available in 28 countries including the USA, Europe, Canada and Australia.

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Graftys® HBS

Graftys® HBS is an injectable calcium phosphate bone graft substitute belonging to the same family than QuickSet. Graftys® HBS offer a lower viscosity to facilitate remote injection in close cavities.

Graftys® HBS is available in Brazil.

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