The Company


Graftys was incepted in 2005 by three business-driven executives of the orthopedic industry and an academic Research Director in the field of synthetic biomaterials, leading a renowned Research Unit in Nantes. The Company is headed by Gilles Alberici, CEO and Chairman of the Board, a seasoned pharma and biotech entrepreneur.

Graftys has implemented a hybrid business model combining a worldwide commercial activity and a strong R&D platform in liaison with the French Academic Research.

Graftys’ mission is to become a major player in the design, manufacturing and commercialization of synthetic bone biomaterials.

To achieve that goal, Graftys has developed an innovation-driven growing pipeline through partnerships with leading academic research institutions in Europe and has progressively built a portfolio aimed at addressing specific and unmet patients’ medical needs. Graftys commercializes its first generation of products in more than 25 countries, including the United States.


Gilles Alberici

PharmD, PhD, acting CEO

Gilles Alberici, PharmD, PhD has 30 years of experience in the European pharmaceutical industry, and founded several biopharmaceutical companies. Gilles joined the Mérieux Group in 1986, founded IMTIX in 1994, a transplantation drug company and then founded OPi in 2000, a company dedicated to rare and severe diseases, acquired in 2007. Gilles Alberici set up initiative Octalfa in 2006, a family-owned and independent investment company specializing in early-stage operations in Life Sciences. Alongside with its investments, Octalfa manages the Dominique & Tom Alberici-Octalfa Corporate Foundation, to support projects aiming at improving the care of cancer patients and disabled people. Octalfa 360 is an Investment Fund specializing in health and green technologies.

Aurélien Valet

Founder & Deputy CEO

After graduating with a degree in Marketing and International Business, Aurélien Valet gained experience in medical devices at Cornéal Laboratories (intraocular lenses). Then he focused on the design and management of editorial content of websites before embarking in GRAFTYS venture in 2005. He was one of the founders of the company and held various management positions and became Chief Operating Officer in 2009.

Jean-Marc Ferrier

Founder & VP Business Development

Jean-Marc Ferrier has spent 18 years in the orthopedic Industry prior to the creation of Graftys in 2005, Mostly at Zimmer (12 years), where he served 3 years as General Manager of the French subsidiary. He also spent 4 years as European Director for Strategic Marketing, in charge of the knee franchise, and of the innovative concepts of minimally invasive total joint surgery and Computer Assisted Surgery. He also worked at 3M Healthcare and Gore.

Jean-Michel Bouler

Founder & acting CSO

Jean-Michel Bouler was appointed as full-Professor in the Department of Materials Science (Dental College – University of Nantes) in September 2005. Then, Prof. Bouler has been running the “Biomat Research Group” for 10 years within an INSERM research unit. He recently joined a new CNRS research center to focus on the synthesis and characterization of drug-combination systems based on calcium phosphate biomaterials. Jean-Michel Bouler has been consulting for orthopaedics companies for more than 20 years and co-founded Graftys in 2005.

Alain Valet

Founder & Consultant

Alain Valet was one of four founders of Graftys. Prior to this, Alain had a successful career in the medical device industry. He was first appointed as Medical Device Director at 3M Healthcare in France, then Vice President Europe in Brussels.
Alain then served as a strategy consultant for several small- and medium- sized companies. In 1994, he joined Zimmer Inc., where he was appointed CEO in France and was promoted to VP Europe in 1997.
In 2001, he was back to consultancy for orthopedic firms before creating Graftys in 2005.



•     Gilles Alberici, Chairman

•     Alain Tornier, private investor and entrepreneur in medtech

•     Aurélien Valet

•     Alain Valet

•     Philippe Dubrou, private investor and entrepreneur

•     Bruno Paglia, ACG Group


•     OREO finance


•     ACG management

•     Ventech

•     Financière Mirabel

•     Praxis

•     Graft’Invest holding (minority investors, employees, love money)